Dartmoor National Park

‘368 square miles of history’

Dartmoor is an exceptionally beautiful place to visit through the year, the beauty of its landscape changing with the seasons.

Dartmoor covers 368 square miles, and Webland Farm is based just outside the South Eastern edge of the National Park, a couple of miles from the South Brent ‘gateway’ into the park.

There is something for everyone in Dartmoor. The ‘scale’ of the scenery is extraordinary. Dartmoor offers great walks for both the casual and experienced walker. Views of woodland valleys, rushing rivers, and striking reservoirs abound. Dartmoor also attracts cyclists, wildlife lovers, historians and archaeologists and, basically, anyone who is interested in the size and scale of a landscape that is both beautiful and filled with our history.

Dartmoor has a wealth of historical remains; ‘clapper’ bridges, hut circles and hill forts can be seen across the landscape. The park also has nature and wildlife reserves and, of course, cattle, sheep and the famous Dartmoor ponies roam free across the land.

Suggested Dartmoor Walks

If you only want to walk a short way, you can drive your car to one of the many strategically placed car parks where you can then take a variety of short walks to see the scenery.

On the other hand, if you want a good strong walking day, there are many planned routes listed that can take several hours, or of course, you can decide where to walk for yourself (although venturing from roads and pathways should only be done by experienced walkers with the right maps, clothing and equipment).

Learning more

For more information about Dartmoor National Park, the museums and reserves, and the different walking options available, extensive information is available from the official Dartmoor National Park website.

Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor Hill Climb