A ‘Picture Postcard’ Town

Dartmouth is one of the most attractive coastal towns in the country. Situated on the River Dart, the river, along with the steep wooded hillsides on either side, provides a ‘picture postcard’ view of South Devon.

You can promenade down the Dart embankment, which runs along the length of the town, from the New Quay towards the historic Bayard’s Cove.

There are many attractive shops and restaurants to visit including those in the Butterwalk, a timber framed arcade that was built in the 17th century. Although damaged in the second world War, the Butterwalk is now fully restored.

The town has retained much of its character as the main roads do not come down into the heart of the town. With its medieval buildings, the oldest dating back to the 14th century, and its narrow streets and walkways,Dartmouth is a fascinating and enjoyable place to visit.

There are also many events throughout the year, most notably the Dartmouth Regatta in August which has the reputation of being ‘the best in the west’.

River DartDartmouth Princess River Boat Cruise

Being on the water is an essential part of a visit to Dartmouth.

Ferries operate from Dartmouth’s quay over to Kingswear. The ferries carry both passengers and cars, the latter being to avoid cars entering through Kingswear.

There are also a number of cruise boats that operate from Dartmouth. A cruise down the River Dart towards Totnes is particularly attractive, and it can also be tied in with both bus and steam train travel to make a triangular journey though the South Devon countryside.

Dartmouth Castle

Dartmouth Castle

Dartmouth Castle

Dartmouth Castle is over 600 years old. Strategically sited where the River Dart joins the Dart estuary, the castle is both a historically interesting and picturesque place to visit.

The oldest part of the castle dates back to 1388 with the gun tower being added about a century later.

The castle has been developed throughout the years, including the addition of re-mountable heavy guns in the 19th century.

There are some spectacular views across the estuary from the top of the tower. There are also a maze of passages through the castle to explore. The castle was involved in military action during the civil war, and remained an active military site until the Second World War.